Case Study:
Bid and Tender Management
Last Modified:
December 23, 2019

A collaborative case study with Mendels Management

With an order portfolio of more than 73 billion euros per year, the government is an attractive customer for business. Yet many companies have difficulty winning complex and expensive (European) tenders and / or a Request for Proposal. Anyone who is unfamiliar with the rules will soon be bothered by the procedure.

The basic principles of tendering (objective assessment, favoring nobody, and acting transparently) are also the principles of professional procurement. Although there is no tendering obligation in the private sector, you can see that, for example, banks and other large organizations use similar procedures.

Project management by a bid & tender manager

A Bid & Tender Manager is in fact a type of project manager. The manager takes care of everything involved in a winning proposition, providing structure; as we all know that winning big contracts doesn’t happen automatically.

It’s an intricate process. In a relatively short period, you need to formulate a complex proposition with multiple people, consisting of a multitude of solution components, while adhering to strict rules (either your own or your client's). With considerable risk, the importance and impact are huge. We make it easy for you to manage the key details when they matter most.

Victor Mendels is a specialist in Bid & Tender Management and initiator of the popular Bid Management Newsletter. He has years of experience with organizations such as KPN, Centric, Computacenter. and Dimension Data, and knows what it takes to win big, interesting contracts.

What are the difficult points?

I would like to invite everyone who says something about winning hard contracts to join my bid team for a month, to experience in real life what it currently means to successfully join a Request for Proposals, or a tender.

Three golden hints

1.    Focus on joining projects in which you understand both the context and the client well. Disqualify projects in which you can only compete on price. Where you have no relation. And do not understand the business. By qualifying for the right projects, you keep your hit rate high and thus your people motivated.

2.    Make sure the rules are clear. Develop a 'Playbook' (a.k.a. a Soldier's Pocketbook) together with key people within your organization.

This goes beyond the bidding process, but describes HOW you will work within the bidding. And WHO has which role and thus provides tools to win more bids and eliminate interference. The result is a testable and clear modus operandi and clarity concerning reviews, authorization and procurement.

3.    You win bids based on points and reputation. During the actual bidding the focus must be on scoring points. Tendering is like sales but on paper. It is complicated to get your message across clearly, every part is evaluated by the client. Every part offers the chance to present your added value to the client.

You're faster alone, but we get further together. Winning bids is hard work, working out a good strategy, and celebrating success together! However, the deadlines are often very short.

PageHub assists in the bidding process

PageHub helps bid & tender managers by simplifying the bidding process, increasing the likelihood of success. By eliminating all the red tape involved in creating a good proposition, the bidding team can focus completely on getting the bid, instead of on the process.

A proposition is complex, consisting of multiple chapters, paragraphs, and even text segments. The proposal-writing process runs smoothly by making everyone in the bidding team responsible for their own text. And you can be sure the quality of information will improve, because text segments can be edited, reviewed, or even approved individually. The bid & tender manager functions as the document leader and maintains an overview of all text segments that still need to be written. This improves control of the writing process, and allows you to intervene faster when you encounter changes along the way.

Read more about how PageHub supports the bidding and tender processes by downloading the case study (in Dutch) at the top of the page.