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PageHub is the key to helping your business create and edit documents as a team. Use our easy task management features to assign custom rights and roles for complete document control.

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The collaborative writing app for your business

The future of document creation and management. Making it easy for your team to work together, no matter where in the world they are.

Advanced task management and easy-to-use templates make document creation efficient and straight-forward. With complete text block control, even your most secure and structured documents become effortless to create.

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Service Agreements
License Agreements
Policy Plans
Safety Guidelines
Medical Research
Care Protocols
Insurance Contracts
Operational Reports

Document collaboration made easy

Structure your writing process for no-fuss, complex document management. Our extensive process-management tools, task management, and access-rights management has you covered for every eventuality. Use our comprehensive system to assign rights and roles, and ensure first-rate collaboration every time.

  • Increase productivity
  • Optimize content quality
  • Collaborate easily
  • Future-proof documents
  • Eliminate errors
  • Collaborate branch-wide
  • Reuse content
  • GDPR compliance

The next step in document creation

Create documents quickly and easily with PageHub’s collaborative writing app.  Our tools are designed specifically to put full document control in your hands.

Create your document with templates and content blocks

Save time by selecting an existing template from your template library, or easily create a new one. You can speedily create one-off documents without any template.

Organize your team with a custom process

Customize your document creation process per document template and content block. Choose a layout for your document, and assign tasks to user groups.

Structure your document with content blocks

Your document structure is determined by your outline and template. The PageHub app is completely flexible, making it easy to set up your document content blocks.

Write. Review. Approve.

Every text block has a standardized process: write, review and approve. Easily add or remove steps to suit your team. You can even start writing before the template is fully completed.

Manage and monitor progress

Content managers can easily monitor the status of their document to stay involved in the process. Stay in the loop, from your complete document creation, to your team's specific content tasks.